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Hello! I'm Angelo.

Currently studying Mechanical Engineering & researching Nanotechnology @ UC Berkeley

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About Me

I am a rising third-year at the University of California - Berkeley, pursing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a minor in Data Science, and certificates in Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Technology. I am passionate about implementing creativity and design into engineering, and exploring the career paths in product design, research and development, and manufacturing.

I was born in the beautiful islands of the Philippines and raised in the equally sunny central coast of California. While I spend most of my time during the year studying and residing in the Berkeley,  I consider Santa Clara County my home.

When I'm not tackling rigorous engineering problem sets or dabbling in product design, my hobbies include:

- nature and cityscape photography,

- R&B and pop music,

experimenting new cuisines and flavors,

- traveling to new and unique places

- swimming while basking in the sunset

... and more!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities or just to chat about hobbies and interests! Let's connect!

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